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Debt Collection

So, you obtained a judgment against someone and now look to the court for help to execute on that judgment. The clerk at the courthouse tells you that she can't give you any legal advice. You have to be mind helpful that obtaining a judgment is not just a “piece of paper.” By having a judgment entered in your favor, the law gives you a lot of tools to try and collect on the judgment. As a creditor, you can seize assets owned by the debtor to try and satisfy the judgment. Some of the options available are to garnish the wages or bank accounts of the debtor, take their vehicle, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, etc., and any other valuable items such as art, jewelry, and sculptures and sell them to satisfy the judgment. If you know of real estate of other assets owned by the debtor, you can levy on them to satisfy the judgment. If the debtor has an interest in a single member LLC, you can get a charging order against the LLC to have the LLC pay you any of the distributions that the member would have received. If the amount of the judgment is high and the distributions will take a long time to satisfy the judgment, you can foreclose on the LLC. There are many other avenues you can take to try and collect on the judgment, but you consider first talking with the debtor and find out if he/she will pay you or set up a repayment plan. What would be the point to go through all of the steps to collect the amount owed, when the debtor may not have any assets that you can seize? You can always pursue collection later. A judgment stays alive for 20 years, giving you a long time to collect on the judgment

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