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Click Here to Register.How to Protect You and Your Family

Are you waiting until an emergency happens to think what will happen to you or your family? Why? Estate planning is about taking care of you and your loved ones during your life. If you wait until right before surgery or when you end up in a rehab center due to an illness or accident, you put so much stress on you, your family and you may not be able to accomplish what you want because you may not be able to execute your plan. Hospitals and rehab centers are on lock-down right now denying access even to family members. If you care for yourself and taking care of your family, then watch our free, virtual workshop that will help you understand the answers to the following:

How do I protect myself?
How do I protect my family while I am alive?
Who will act for me if I can't?
If you can't make your own medical decisions, who will?
How do I plan for my minor beneficiaries?
What happens with my stuff when I pass away?
How do I protect my family after my passing?


We are holding a live presentation.


When:  June 8, 2021


Time:    6-7 P.M.


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