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If you do not take care of your planning, the State steps in and regulates what happens to your assets after your passing. Ah!!!! Does not sound like what you want but without planning that is what will happen.

If you hold assets in your individual name, like a bank account or a house, your wife, your children, siblings, whomever is closest to you will not be able to access or sell the real estate. Why? Because the State says so. Your family or loved ones will have to hire an attorney to go through the probate. And, if you own real estate in 2 states or 2 countries, that means 2 separate probate cases and 2 different attorneys. Ah, more time and money spent.

Sometimes, families are left in a very dire situation. A parent dies being the bread winner and the family can't access the back account. Who will pay for the rent or mortgage? Or, the parent was has a minor child. Who takes care of that child and who pays for the care? This latter example means 2 court cases, yes, one for the parent and who passed and a guardianship for the minor child.

Are you planning on dying today? No! So, if you do not want to have the court tell your family what to do and you want to take care of you and your family, pick up the phone and call us or watch our presentation by clicking here.

An Introduction to Settling an Estate Through Probate

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